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Neogen’s Food Safety Division is primarily engaged in the production and marketing of diagnostic test kits and complementary products to food and feed producers and processors to detect dangerous and/or unintended substances in food and animal feed. Neogen’s test kits are used to detect potential hazards in food and animal feed by testers ranging from small local grain elevators to the largest, best-known food and feed processors in the world, and numerous regulatory agencies. In addition they have dehydrated medias and supplements for a vide range of assays. Territory: Finland, Estonia

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There are 390 Neogen products in our range

Microbiological Culture (303)

Productcode Product name Package size
MPB001µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water (ISO),10 x 20 L
MPA001µPREP™ Filter Unit Buffered Peptone Water (ISO), suodatinyksikkö valmiiseen kuivapussiin1
NCM3204µPREP™ Half Fraser Broth ISO (+FAC)
MPA002µPREP™ Quick Connectors Buffered Peptone Water (ISO), Valmiseen kuivapussiin pikaliitin10 pcs
NCM4012-101 % Potassium Tellurite10 ml
NCM0001AHalf Fraser Broth PLUS500 g
LX1641/2 Fraser Supplement10 x 450 ml
NCM2034A2% Malt Extract Agar500 g
LX0273,5 % Potassium Tellurite10 x 2 ml
68003-Place Filtration Manifold1
MC7Acid Hydrolysed Casein500 g
NCM0236AAgar no.1500 g
NCM0238AAgar No.2500 g
NCM0238BAgar No.25 kg
IS/TE2-AAmphoteracin B10 x 500 ml
LAB48B.H.I. Agar (Brain Heart Infusion Agar)500 g
NCM0016ABrain Heart Infus. Broth500 g
NCM0062ABacillus Cereus Medium500 g
NCM0259ABacteriological Peptone500 g
NCM0259DBacteriological Peptone25 kg
NCM0024ABaird Parker Medium Base500 g
NCM0200ABaird-Parker Medium Base500 g
NCM0257ABalanced Peptone No.1500 g
NCM0037ABCYE Legionella Isolation Medium500 g
NCM0208ABeef Extract500 g
NCM0117ABile Aesculin Agar500 g
NCM0166ABile Esculin Azide Agar500 g
NCM0210ABile Salts no. 3 (sappisuolat)500 g
NCM0086ABismuth Sulp.Agar Base A500 g
NCM2014ABlood Agar Base500 g
NCM2013C OLD LAB15-B10Blood Agar Base no.1 (10 kg)10 kg
NCM2013ABlood Agar Base No. 2500 g
NCM0040CBlood Agar Base no.2 (10 kg)10 kg
IS/LG3-BBMPA Legionella Supplement10 x 1000 ml
NCM0128ABrazier's CCEY Agar500 g
NCM0058ABrilliant Green Agar500 g
NCM0048ABrilliant Green Bile 2% Broth500 g
NCM0090ABrucella Agar500 g
LAB139Buffered Listeria Broth500 g
LAB582-B5Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth PLUS5000 g
NCM0003A OLD LAB046Buffered Peptone Water500 g
NCM0015ABuffered Peptone WaterISO500 g
IS/LM1-AListeria Oxford Supplement10 x 500 ml
LX223C.F.C. (Pseudomonas spp.) LAB108 agarin lisäaine10 x 2000 ml
NCM4023-0.5C.F.C.10 x 500 ml
NCM0220CC.L.E.D medium (Bevis modification) 10 kg10 kg
NCM2017AC.L.E.D. Agar500 g
NCM0034CC.L.E.D. medium (Mackey and Sandys)10 kg
NCM2017CC.L.E.D. medium (Mackey and Sandys) 10 kg10 kg
NCM4008-0.5C.N.Cetrimide,Nalid.Acid10 x 500 ml
IS/CSN2-ACampylobacter Enrichment Supplement10 x 500 ml
NCM4074-0.5C.V.T.N. for Campylobacter Enrichment10 x 500 ml
NCM2022ACampylobacter Blood Free Medium (mCCDA)500 g
NCM2022BCampylobacter Blood Free Select. Medium (CCDA)5 kg
NCM0094ACampylobacter Enrichment Bolton Broth500 g
LX115Campylobacter Growth supplement10 x 500 ml
CAP005-050Captivate O1031 ml = 50 tests
CAP004-050Captivate O1111 ml = 50 tests
CAP001-050Captivate™ O157 (IMS)1 ml = 50 tests
CAP001-250Captivate™ O157 (IMS)5 ml = 250 tests
CAP009-050Captivate™ O451 ml = 50 tests
NCM0120ACasein Peptone Type I500 g
NCM0120BCasein Peptone Type I, 5 kg5 kg
NCM0109ACetrimide Agar ( USP / EP / JP )500 g
LAB6Cled Agar (Bevis)500 g
NCM2010AColumbia Agar Base500 g
NCM2023AColumbia II Agar Base500 g
NCM0028A OLD 7350Corn Meal Agar500 g
NCM0227ACSEB (ISO) Cronobacter500 g
NCM0161 vanha LAB095-ADNase Agar500 g
NCM0138ADermatophyte Test Medium500 g
NCM0009ADE Neutralizing Agar500 g
NCM0047AD/E Neutralising Broth500 g
NCM0127ADextrose Tryptone Agar500 g
NCM0081ADG18 agar500 g
NCM0082ADRBC Agar (ISO) - Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar500 g
LX194D-cycloserine, TSC supplement10 x 500 ml
NCM0057AE.E. Broth500 g
LAB61Eosin Methylene Blue Agar (Levine)500 g
LAB171EC Medium500 g
7603EE Broth Mossel500 g
NCM4017-100Egg Yolk Emulsion100 ml
NCM4010-100 old LX085Egg Yolk Tellurite100 ml
LAB526Eugon Broth500 g
NCM2020AF.A.A. (Fastidious Anaerobe Agar)500 g
NCM2020BF.A.A. (Fastidious Anaerobe Agar)5 kg
NCM0199AFastidious Anaerobe Broth500 g
7984F.A.C. Fraser Broth Supplement10 pcs
NCM4009-0.5Fraser Broth PLUS Supplement10 x 500 ml
NCM0108AFluid Thioglycollate Medium500 g
LAB425Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (Clear)500 g
LAB25Fluid Thioglycol.Medium500 g
NCM0050A old LAB212Fraser Broth PLUS500 g
LAB164-B5Fraser Broth Base5000 g
NCM0066AFraser Broth500 g
LX165Fraser Supplement10 x 500 ml
NCM0045AG.C. Agar Base500 g
NCM0045BG.C. Agar Base, 5kg5 kg
NCM4085-1.0G.C. Growth Supplement 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
NCM0243AGelatine500 g
NCM0241AGlucose (Dextrose)500 g
NCM1008AHarlequin C. sakazakii500 g
NCM1006AHarlequin™ Chromogenic Agar for Salmonella Esterase (CASE)500 g
NCM1005A OLD HAL016Harlequin™ Chromogenic Coliform Agar500 g
NCM1002AHarlequin E.coli/Coliform500 g
HAL009-AHarlequin™ mLGA500 g
NCM1007SHarlequin™ SMAC48,6 g
NCM1007AHarlequin SMAC-BCIG500 g
NCM1001AHarlequin™ TBGA/TBX (Tryptone Bile Glucuronide Agar)500 g
HAL024-AHarlequin™ Vibrio Agar (ISO)500 g
LAB110Hektoen Enteric Agar500 g
LAB222Iron Sulphite Agar500 g
NCM0198AKanamycin Aes.Azide Agar500 g
NCM4045-0.5Cefixime&Tellurite10 x 500 ml
NCM4019-0.5Cefoperazone, Amphotericin10 x 500 ml
NCM4019-1.0 OLD X212Cefoperazone, Amphotericin 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
NCM0074AKF Streptococcus Agar500 g
7140Kliger Iron Agar500 g
LAB59Kligler Iron Agar500 g
LX009Chloramphenicol10 x 500 ml
NCM4051-1.0Chloramphenicol 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
NCM4051-0.5Chloramphenicol10 x 500 ml
IS/YM8Chloramphenicol 50 + Chlortetr. 5010 x 200 ml
LX209Chloramphenicol 1 vial / 1000 ml10 pcs
LX013Colistin Oxalinic Acid10 x 500 ml
LX012Kolistiini 10mg/l nalidiksiinihappo 10mg/l10 x 500 ml
LX011Kolistiini 10mg/l nalidiksiinihappo 15mg/l10 x 500 ml
IS/ST-CColistin/Oxolin.10 pcs
NCM4046-0.5Colistin/Oxolin.10 x 500 ml
NCM4046-1.0Colistin/Oxolin 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
IS/NG1-AL.C.A.T.10 x 500 ml
LX070L.C.A.T10 x 500 ml
LX036Lactic acid 10 %10 x 1 ml
LC72011Lactic acid 10%10 x 2,5 ml
12-LC72011-10Lactic acid 10% 10x10 ml10 x 10 ml
NCM0233ALactose500 g
LAB126Lactose Broth500 g
NCM0071ALauryl Sulfate Broth w/ MUG - 500g500 g
NCM0032ALauryl Tryptose Broth500 g
NCM0170ALB Lennox agar500 g
NCM0142ALB Agar (Luria Bertoni)500 g
NCM0173ALB Broth (Lennox)500 g
NCM0088ALB Broth (Luria Bertoni)500 g
LAB589LEE Broth – Listeria Express Enrichment Broth500 g
LX195Legionella GVPC Selective Supplement10 x 500 ml
LX196Legionella Cysteine Growth Supplement10 x 500 ml
LX197Legionella α-Ketoglutarate Supplement10 x 500 ml
LAB184Letheen broth500 g
NCM1004AListeria Chromogenic Agar ALOA (ISO 11290)500 g
NCM4001-0.5Listeria Chromogenic Diagnostic Supplement10 vials
NCM4002-0.5Listeria Chromogenic Selective Supplement10 vials
LAB138Listeria Enrichment Broth500 g
LAB579-B5Listeria Enrichment Broth PLUS (F.D.A.)5000 g
LAB206Listeria Isolation Medium500 g
NCM0056AListeria Oxford Agar500 g
LAB54Lysine Iron Agar500 g
NCM0035AM.R.S. Agar500 g
NCM0079AM.R.S. Broth500 g
NCM0190AM.R.S.Agar (ISO)500 g
NCM0072AMacConkey Agar500 g
NCM2024AMacConkey Agar No. 2500 g
NCM0174AMacConkey Agar No. 3500 g
NCM0160AMacConkey Agar without Crystal Violet500 g
NCM0193AMacConkey Broth (Purple)500 g
NCM0207AMalt Extract500 g
NCM0207BMalt Extract (mallasuute)5 kg
NCM0207DMalt Extract25 kg
NCM0093AMalt Extract Agar500 g
NCM0247AMaltose Monohydrate500 g
NCM2011AMannitol Salt Agar500 g
MC14Mannitol (D-Mannitol)500 g
NCM0085AMaximum Recovery Diluent (peptooni soolalahus)500 g
NCM0246AMeat Peptone500 g
NCM0267AMeat Peptone no2500 g
NCM0123Am-Endo Agar (LES) (ISO9308-1)500 g
IS/A3-AMetronidatsol / Nalidixic Acid10 x 500 ml
NCM0149Am-FC Agar500 g
LAB189Microbiolog. content agar500 g
NCM0043AMiddlebrook 7H11 Agar500 g
NCM0119AMilk Plate Count Agar500 g
NCM0186K1Miner.Modif.Glutam.Medium370 g
NCM1016AModified Chromogenic Agar for Salmonella Esterase500 g
LAB219Modified Giolitti and500 g
LX114Modified Preston Campylobacter supplement10 x 500 ml
NCM0067AMSRV Semi-Solid Rappaport500 g
NCM2016CMueller Hinton Agar (CE) (10 kg)10 kg
NCM0036CMueller Hinton Agar (I) (10 kg)10 kg
NCM2016AMueller Hinton Agar II500 g
NCM0126AMueller-Kauffmann TTBn500 g
IS/LG2-AMWY Legionella Supplement10 x 500 ml
IS/LG2-BMWY Legionella Supplement10 x 1000 ml
NCM0258AMycological Peptone2*250g=500 g
NCM4068-0.5N.A.N. for Listeria Enric10 x 500 ml
LX291Nalidixic Acid 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
IS/A9-BNalidix.acid /Vancomycin10 vials
IS/TCN-ANatamycin 200mg/l10 x 500 ml
IS/TCN-BNatamycin 200mg/l 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
NCM4031-2.5 OLD IS/TCN-CNatamycin 200mg/l10 pcs
IS/A5-ANeomycin 100 mg/l10 x 500 ml
LX016Neomycin10 x 500 ml
NCM4040-0.5 old LX150Novobiocin10 pcs
07-ES/SM-ANovobiocin 1/500ml10 vials
NCM0033ANutrient Agar500 g
NCM0110A OLD LAB068ANutrient Broth 'E'500 g
NCM0189ANutrient Broth No.2 BP500 g
NCM0132AOxytetracycline Glucose Yeast Extract Agar (OGYE)500 g
NCM0196AO157 Broth MTSB (E. coli O157)500 g
NCM4024-0.5Oxytetracycline 100 mg/l10 x 500 ml
LX110Oleandomycin, Polymixin10 x 500 ml
NCM0054AOrange Serum Agar500 g
6525Orange Serum Broth 2mls - box of 5050
NCM0230AOxbile (Oxgall)500 g
LX123Oxford Supplement10 x 500 ml
NCM0111APalcam Agar Base500 g
LAB144Palcam Broth500 g
NCM4041-0.5PALCAM PAC Supplement - 10 x 500ml10 x 500 ml
NCM0165APEMBA (Bacillus Cereus Medium)500 g
NCM0096APeptone Water500 g
NCM0268APerfringens Agar500 g
NCM0077APerfringens Agar (TSC, Tryptose Sulphite Cycloserine Agar)500 g
NCM0010APlate Count Agar500 g
NCM4018-0.5Polymyxin B - 10 x 500mL10 x 500 ml ml
NCM4032-0.5Polymyxin B 100 000 (PEMBA)10 x 500 ml
NCM0018APotato Dextrose Agar, kartulidekstroosagar500 g
NCM0157APotato Dextrose Broth500 g
NCM0083APseudomonas Agar Base500 g
IS/RPF-100R.P.F. supplement10 vials
NCM4052-0.1R.P.F. Supplement10 x 100 ml
NCM0076AR2A Agar500 g
NCM0076BR2A Agar5 kg
NCM0188AR2A Broth500 g
LAB198Raka-Ray No.3 Agar500 g
NCM0103ARappaport Vassiliadis Salmonella Enrichment Broth500 g
NCM0136ARappaport-Vass.Enr.Broth500 g
NCM0102AReinforced Medium for Clostridia ( USP / EP / JP)500 g
NCM0224AReinforced Clostridial Medium Agar500 g
NCM0191KRingers Solution tablets100 pellets
NCM0135ARose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar500 g
LAB52S.S. Agar500 g
NCM2012ASabouraud Dextrose Agar500 g
NCM2012BSabouraud Dextrose Agar5 kg
NCM0147ASabouraud Dextrose Broth ( USP / EP / JP)500 g
7155ASelenite Broth500 g
NCM0172ASelenite Broth500 g
NCM0277ASIM Medium500 g
NCM0168ASimmons Citrate Agar500 g
NCM0249ASkim Milk powder500 g
NCM0197ASlanetz & Bartley Medium (Membrane Enterococcus Agar)500 g
NCM0245ASodium Chloride500 g
NCM0181K1Sodium Glutamate130 g
MC16Sodium Thioglycollate500 g
NCM0167ASorbitol MacConkey Agar500 g
MC3-10 KGSoy Peptone10 kg
MC3-25 KGSoy Peptone25 kg
MC3-5 KGSoy Peptone5 kg
NCM0237ASoy Peptone500 g
IS/YM5-CStreptomycin 40 mg/l , 1 vial / 2500 ml10 pcs
IS/YM5-AStreptomycin Sulphate10 x 500 ml
NCM0265ASugar Free Agar500 g
IS/YM3-CCyclohex.400/Chloramph.50, 1 vial / 2500 ml10 pcs
NCM4044-0.5Cycloserine, Cefoxitin10 x 500 ml
NCM0052AT.C.B.S. Cholera Medium500 g
NCM0144AT.S.I. Agar (Triple Sugar Iron Agar)500 g
LAB183Terrific broth500 g
LAB97Tetrathionate Broth Base500 g
NCM0061ATodd Hewitt Broth500 g
NCM0158ATryptone Glucose Ext.Agar500 g
NCM0211ATryptone No. 1500 g
NCM0020CTryptone Soy Agar (10 kg)10 kg
NCM0020ATryptone Soy Agar500 g
NCM0019ATryptone Soy Broth500 g
LAB205Tryptone Soy Broth without dextrose (TSB)500 g
NCM2043ASwedish Water Test. Med.500 g
MC8Tryptose500 g
NCM0171AUniversal Beer Agar500 g
NCM0171CUniversal Beer Agar (10 kg)10 kg
NCM0180AUrea Agar Base500 g
NCM0177AUrea Broth Base500 g
LX155UVM I Supplement10 x 500 ml
IS/NG3-BV.C.A.T. (Vancomycin, Colistin, Trimetroprim, Amphoterisin B), 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
LX068V.C.N.T. (Thayer-Martin)10 x 500 ml
NCM0118AW.L.Nutrient Agar500 g
LX214Skirrows Selective Suppl. 1 vial / 1000ml10 pcs
NCM0089AViolet Red Bile Agar500 g
NCM0041AV.R.B.G. Agar500 g
IS/LB-AVancomycin 50 mg/l10 x 500 ml
IS/LB-BVancomycin10 x 1000 ml
NCM0185AWater Plate Count Agar500 g
NCM0089BViolet Red Bile Agar (VRBA) 5kg5 kg
NCM0089CViolet Red Bile Agar (VRBA)10kg10 kg
NCM0282AVogel and Johnson Agar500 g
NCM0225AWort Agar500 g
NCM2015AX.L.D. Agar500 g
NCM0187AY.E.D.C. Agar500 g
NCM0176AYeast & Mould Agar500 g
NCM0069AYeast Extract Agar500 g
NCM0218AYeast Extract500 g
NCM0218BYeast Extract, hiivauute5 kg
NCM0218CYeast Extract, hiivauute10 kg
NCM0218DYeast Extract, hiivauute25 kg
NCM0182AYersinia Selective Agar500 g
NCM0182BYersinia Selective Agar, 5kg5 kg
NCM4034-0.5C.I.N. Selective Supplement10 x 500 ml

Food Diagnostics (82)

Productcode Product name Package size
9401Neogen Agri-Grind1 pcs
9500Alert for Sulfites200 tests
8441Alert® for Almond Allergen24 wells
8481Alert® for Gliadin24 wells
8511Alert® for Gliadin R520 tests
9515Alert® for Histamine24 wells
9530Alert® Metanooli kiirtest20 tests
8431Alert® for Peanut allergen24 wells
8471Alert® for Total Milk Allergen24 wells
8432Allergen Environmental Swabbing Kit100 pcs
8429Allergen extraction kit20 pcs
8483Allergen Gliadin Cocktail Solution (125ml)100 ml
BSSR100Beta Star S (100)100 tests
BSS050Beta Star S (50)50 tests
BS4DR100Beta Star S 4D (100)100 tests
BSCR100Beta Star S Combo (100)100 tests
BSC050Beta Star S Combo (50)50 tests
902013LBioKits Beef (CKD)48 wells
902012NBioKits Pork (CKD)48 wells
9850Colitag™ P/A Water Test Kit20 tests
9851Colitag™ P/A Water Test Kit100 tests
8392DON Reference Material - 1kg - Low1 kg
8393DON Reference Material - 1kg - Medium1 kg
8391DON Reference Material - 1kg - NDA (Not detectable amount)1 kg
8052Mycotoxin Extraction Kit12 pcs
8040NeoColumn™ for Aflatoxin50 pcs
8043NeoColumn™ for Aflatoxin50 pcs
8340NeoColumn™ for Deoxynivalenol (DON)50 pcs
8640NeoColumn™ for Ochratoxin50 pcs
8140NeoColumn™ for Zearalenone50 pcs
9410Neogen 100 ul tips1000 pcs
9426Neogen Timer1
9427Neogen Electronic Digital Scale1 pcs
9447Neogen graduated cylinder, 50 mL1
9428Neogen Sample collection cups w/lids100 pcs
9421Neogen Sample tubes w/caps100 pcs
9680Neogen Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform1 units
9696Neogen Raptor Solo Integrated Analysis Platform1 pcs
9278Neogen-pipetti 100 ul1 pcs
9435Reagenssivene (12 kaivoa)3 pcs
9751Reveal for E. coli O157:H7 20 Hour Complete System20 tests
8385Reveal Q+ DON, 0.3–6 ppm25 tests
8085Reveal Q+ for Aflatoxin, 2-150ppb25 tests
8885Reveal Q+ for Fumonosin, 0.3-6ppm25 tests
8185Reveal Q+ for Zearalenone25 tests
8088Reveal Q+ MAX for Aflatoxin25 tests
8188Reveal Q+ MAX for Zearalenone25 pcs
8685Reveal Q+ Ochratoxin25
8285Reveal Q+ T-2-HT-2, 50-600 ppb25 tests
9475Reveal Sample Cup Rack1
9805Reveal® 2.0 for Salmonella20 tests
902086GReveal® 3-D Almond Test10 tests
8565Reveal® 3-D Coconut10 tests
902081SReveal® 3-D Crustacea /Shellfish Test10 tests
902082QReveal® 3-D Egg Test10 tests
8555Reveal® 3-Dfor Multi-Treenut Test10 tests
901031PReveal® 3-D Gluten Test10 tests
8505Reveal® 3-D Gluten Test, improved10 pcs
902087EReveal® 3-D Hazelnut Test10 tests
8405Reveal® 3-D Mustard Test10 tests
901041LReveal® 3-D Peanut Test10 tests
8535Reveal® 3-D Sesame10 tests
902093KReveal® 3-D Soya Test10 tests
8479Reveal® 3-D Total Milk Test10 tests
8015Reveal® for Aflatoxin25 tests
8005Reveal® for CP450 tests
8315Reveal® for DON25 tests
9755Reveal® for E.coli O157:H720 tests
9501Reveal® for Histamine25 tests
8438Reveal® for Peanut Allergen24 tests
993112Stat-Fax well carrier1 pcs
9402Strippipidike ELISA1 pcs
9420Neogen Filter Syringes100 pcs
8030Veratox® for Aflatoxin48 wells
8031Veratox® for Aflatoxin High Sensitivity48 wells
8331Veratox® for DON 5/548 wells
8332Veratox® for DON High Sensitivity48 wells
8420Veratox® for Hazelnut Allergen48 wells
8230Veratox® for T-2/HT-2 Toxin48 wells
8110Veratox® for Zearalenone48 wells
9430Whatman #1 filtterit100 pcs

Instruments and supplies (5)