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Suomen 3M

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There are 274 Suomen 3M products in our range

Microbiological Culture (38)

Productcode Product name Package size
98-0213-3386-33M ™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch5 x 10 pcs
SRBDP-103M ™ Rapid SRB detection pouch, 10 pcs10 pcs
BPPFV9MRD3M™ Mini Flip-Top Vial with 9 mL Maximum Recovery Diluent9 ml
C64063M Petrifilm AC aerobic1000 pcs
C64003M Petrifilm AC aerobic100 pcs
C64103M Petrifilm CC Coliform50 pcs
C64163M Petrifilm CC Coliforms1000 pcs
C64143M™ Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count Plate500 pcs
C64043M Petrifilm EC E.Coli50 pcs
C64203M Petrifilm EB enterobac50 pcs
C64213M Petrifilm EB enterobac1000 pcs
C64473M Petrifilm Env.listeria50 pcs
C64483M Petrifilm Env.listeria200 pcs
C64521000 pcs
C64503M Petrifilm AQHC heter.100 pcs
C64153M Petrifilm HSCC HS500 pcs
C64053M Petrifilm HSCC HS50 pcs
C64623M™ Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Count Plates (20x25)500 pcs
C64613M™ Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Count Plates (2x25)50 pcs
C64253M™ Petrifilm™ Spreader Rapid Petrifilms2 pcs
65573M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Advanced Reader1 pcs
C64793M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plate (20x25)500 pcs
C64783M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plate50 pcs
C64023M Petrifilm RCC rapid50 pcs
C64363M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid E.coli/coliform plates (2x25)50 pcs
C64373M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid E.coli/coliform plates 500/case500 pcs
C64773M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mould Count Plates (10x50)500 pcs
C64753M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mould Count Plates (2x25)50 pcs
C64353M Petrif. Select. E.Coli500 pcs
C64343M Petrif. Select. E.Coli50 pcs
C6498PEL Spreader2 pcs
C64913M Petrifilm STX Staph ex500 pcs
C64903M Petrifilm STX Staph ex50 pcs
C6492Staph Express Disk20 pcs
C6493Staph Express Disk100 pcs
C64173M Petrifilm Yeast/Mold1000 pcs
C64073M Petrifilm Yeast/Mold100 pcs
6557PC-EUPower cord for 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Advanced Reader1 pcs

Food Diagnostics (5)

Infection Prevention (37)

Productcode Product name Package size
13483M™ Attest 1348 Tri-metric indicator250 pcs
12263M™ 1226 Comply hot air sterilization tape, 19mm*50m1 pcs
12283M™ 1228 Comply H2O2/Plasma indicator tape, 18mm*55m1 pcs
1243B3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ Steam Chemical Integrator 1243B100 pcs
12483M™ 1248 Comply Gas Plasma chemical intergrator250 pcs
12503M™ 1250 Comply Indicator, steam 240240 pcs
12513M™ 1251 Comply Indicator, etylenoxid 240240 pcs
1256B3M™ 1256B Incheque1 pcs
1257R3M™ 1256B Incheque Stickers, 12 rolls1 sets
1257R-13M™ 1256B Incheque Stickers, 1125 in roll1 pcs
12623M™ 1262 Attest indicator100 pcs
1262P3M™ 1262P Attest indikator25 pcs
12643M™ 1264 Attest Indicator Etylenoxid100 pcs
1264P3M™ 1264P Attest Indicator, Etylenoxid25 pcs
12783M™ 1278 EO Attest test pack25 pcs
12943M™ 1294 Attest indikaator, PIKA, etylenoksid50 pcs
12953M™ 1295 Attest Super Rapid Read-out, hydrogen peroxide indicator30 pcs
13003M™ 1300 Comply Bowie Dick20 pcs
AK13013M™ 1301 Comply Bowie Dick20 pcs
1322183M™ 1322-18 Comply indicator tape, steam 18mm*55m1 pcs
1322243M™ 1322-24 Comply indicator tape1 pcs
1355183M™ 1355-18 Comply indicator tape, steam1 pcs
1355243M™ 1355-24 Comply indikator tape steam1 pcs
1492V3M™ 1492V Attest Biological Indicator, steam50 pcs
1496V3M™ 1496V Attest Super Rapid Readout biological indikator, stream24 pcs
490H3M™ Attest Auto-reader, vaporized hydrogen peroxide1 pcs
3903M™ Attest Auto-reader Rapid steam inkubator1 pcs
4903M™ Attest Dual Auto Reader inkubator stream1 pcs
1292E3M™ Attest Indicator, RAPID steam50 pcs
UXC1003M™ Clean-Trace™ ATP Surface for health care100 pcs
H2O3M™ Clean-Trace™ ATP water test for healtcare and endoscope testing100 pcs
ESD1003M™ Clean-Trace™ Endoscope holder1 pcs
70000541443M™ Clean-Trace™ Water Test Kit wtk100 tests
LX253M™ Clean-Trace™-luminometer LX251 pcs
43083M™ ETS sensing unit1 pcs
41103M™ ETS Software1 pcs
43093M™ ETS USB Data Reader1 pcs