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Captivate™ O45

Tuotenro: CAP009-050
Valmistaja: Neogen Culture Media
Pakkauskoko: 1 ml = 50 testiä

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Tietoa tuotteesta

Captivate™ O45 are magnetisable particles, coated with specific antibody, intended for the concentration of Escherichia coli O45 from food, animal feed, beverages, pharmaceutical or environmental samples.

Product Features

Specific concentration - separates E. coli O45 cells from background flora in sample.

Specific isolation - enables easy removal of complexed E. coli O45 cells from sample.

Highly selective – use of specific O45 antibodies ensures only cells containing O45 antigens are captured.

Culturable – complexed beads can be inoculated on to plate media to obtain microbiological culture. IMS is the only specific O45 isolation process in which a microbiological culture is obtained.

Captivate™ O45

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