Productcode: AQ056
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 100 tests

Product information


Coliforms, Enterobacteriacae able to ferment lactose, are bacteria present in human and warm blooded animals intestinal flora, in the soil and water. Coliforms are indicators of organic, environmental or faecal contamination.

Strict regulations exist for E.coli/Coliform abscence in water and food samples. This can be explained by the importance of these germs in determining water and food safety.
Worldwide, water and food quality control for human consumption are based on detecting the presence/absence of E.coli and coliforms.



  1. Simple method !

    Add the pre-weighed dose of AquaCHROM ECC to a 100ml water sample, shake and incubate at 37°C for 18-24h.

  2. Detection by naked eye: No need of UV lamp!

    Species differenciation is based on the use of two chromogens (instead of obsolete use of chromogene + fluorogene). 

  3. Very Suitable also for field tests:

    This culture medium has been also designed for tests in areas where neither incubators nor UV lamps are available. The incubation could be carried out at room temperature (longer incubation) and results are read under daylight. Simple method!



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