Dry pre-plated media

Productcode Product name Package size
54061-0AQ-0240Compact Dry AQ 240 plates/box240 plates
54061-0AQ-0040Compact Dry AQ 40 plates/box40 plates
54068-0BC-0040Compact Dry X-BC40 plates
54068-0BC-0240Compact Dry X-BC240 plates
54053-0CF-0040Compact Dry CF for coliform40 plates
54053-0CF-0240Compact Dry CF for coliform240 plates
54052-0EC-0040Compact Dry EC (E. coli and coliforms)40 plates
54052-0EC-0240Compact Dry EC (E. coli and coliforms)240 plates
54055-ETB-0040Compact Dry ETB for Enterobacteriacae40 plates
54055-ETB-0240Compact Dry ETB for Enterobacteriacae240 plates
54067-0LM-0040Compact Dry LM (Listeria monocytogenes)40 plates
54067-0LM-0240Compact Dry LM (Listeria monocytogenes)240 plates
54060-0LS-0040Compact Dry LS40 plates
54060-0LS-0240Compact Dry LS240 plates
54062-0PA-0040Compact Dry PA Pseudomonas40 plates
54062-0PA-0240Compact Dry PA Pseudomonas240 plates
54051-0TC-0040Compact Dry TC (Total Count)40 plates
54051-0TC-0240Compact Dry TC240 plates
54054-0YM-0040Compact Dry YM40 plates
54054-0YM-0240Compact Dry YM240 plates
54063-YMR-0040Compact Dry YM RAPID40 plates
54063-YMR-0240Compact Dry YM RAPID240 plates
01543-MRD-0128Dilution rack for Compact Dry MRD128 pcs
01543-PBS-0128Dilution Rack-PBS for Compact Dry128 pcs