Microbial Testing

Dipslide/Contact Dip Stick
Productcode Product name Package size
BRB2DipSlide Yeast & Moulds10 strips
BTM2DipSlide TVC with redspot10 strips
SCTDipSlide TVC with redspot /Coliforms10 strips
TVDipSlide TVC/Enterobacter10 strips
LISTDipSlide Listeria10 strips
BVDipSlide Staphylococci /Enterobacteriaceae10 strips
PC2TNDipSlide TVC with redspot10 strips
SRBDipslide test for sulphate-reducing bacteria10 strips
Incubators for Hygiene testing
Productcode Product name Package size
6400DMChallenger MX251 pcs
MX10Discovery MX10 incubator1 pcs
MX8ORION-incubator for 8 dipslide tests1 pcs
R1700Ranger MX45 MINI Incubator1 pcs