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Sub-Sets of Cancer Stem Cells Differ Intrinsically in Their Patterns of Oxygen Metabolism
We here show that hypoxia induces a marked shift of the CSC fraction towards EMT leading to altered cell morphology, an increased proportion of CD44high/ESAlow cells, patterns of gene expression typical of EMT, and enhanced sphere-forming ability. The size of EMT fractions returned to control levels in normoxia indicating a reversible process. Surprisingly, however, even under normoxic conditions a fraction of EMT CSCs was present and maintained high levels of HIF-1a, apparently due to actions of cytokines such as TNFa. Functionally, this EMT CSC fraction showed decreased mitochondrial mass and membrane potential, consumed far less oxygen per cell, and produced markedly reduced levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These differences in the patterns of oxygen metabolism of sub-fractions of tumour cells provide an explanation for the general therapeutic resistance of CSCs and for the even greater resistance of EMT CSCs. They also identify potential mechanisms for manipulation of CSCs.

Timo Tumelius, Labema Oy

Syöpäkudoksen solujen HIF-1alfan määrä voi vaihdella. Näillä happimetabolian eroilla voi olla vaikutusta mm. solujen hoitovasteeseen.

Assay of the Multiple Energy-Producing Pathways of Mammalian Cells
This technology can be employed as a fundamental tool in genotype-phenotype studies to determine changes in cells from shared lineages due to differentiation or mutation.

Timo Tumelius, Labema Oy

Erinomainen menetelmä solujen fenotyypin ja metabolian tutkimiseen