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Omavalvonta ja hygienia

In-house contol and Hygiene

In-house control and Hygiene presents easy to use tests and equipment to hygiene control and microbiological in-house control for restaurants and food industry. We have collected papers and studies linked to our products that we believe will interest our customers.


Efficacy and Downstream Compatibility of the Respiratory Sigma Collection Device
The pre-analytical phase of the total laboratory testing process is where the majority of laboratory errors occur and represents the most labour intensive, least standardized aspect of the process. Specimen processing is one of the most important steps in the pre-analytical phase as downstream reading, interpretation and reporting by technical staff is heavily dependent on the quality of specimen setup. In this study, the Copan SL™ solution device (Copan Italia; Brescia, Italy) and the MWE Sigma SP™ liquid collection device containing a novel mucolytic agent were used. The recovery of M. tuberculosis DNA at a constant level (CT 15-18) following storage of up to 48hrs at both room temperature and 4˚C was achieved for the MWE Sigma SP™ collection device. The Copan SL™ solution device showed variable results at both room temperature and at 4˚C. The novel mucolytic agent demonstrated good mucolytic action and it enabled the emulsification of sputum and mucus resulting in a homogenous suspension allowing for easier, more consistent and reproducible planting and streaking of specimens. In addition, the Sigma SP™ collection device demonstrated compatibility with the FilmArray® system, as well as the BD MGIT™ system and Cepheid GeneXpert® for the detection of MTB complex.
Dutch Guideline on the Laboratory Detection of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has rapidly emerged worldwide, affecting both healthcare and community settings, and intensive livestock industry. The efficient control of MRSA strongly depends on its adequate laboratory detection. This guideline provides recommendations on the appropriate use of currently available diagnostic laboratory methods for the timely and accurate detection of MRSA in patients and healthcare workers. Herewith, it aims to standardise and improve the diagnostic laboratory procedures that are used for the detection of MRSA in Dutch medical microbiology laboratories.

TSB-liemi terästettynä 6,5%:lla natriumkloridia rikastaa MRSA:ta paremmin kuin matalampi suolapitoisuus ja nostaa kromogeenisten elatusaineiden herkkyyttä merkittävästi.

Molecular Detection of Enteric Viruses: Faecal Samples Versus Rectal Swabs
The increased sensitivity of molecular assays means that a greatly reduced initial sample volume may still be useful in pathogen detection. Therefore, investigations were undertaken to assess the suitability of a swab transport system rather than faeces for the diagnosis of viral gastrointestinal disease. The use of swab based systems reduces the amount of sample required and can negate the need to perform pre-extraction procedures that may be time consuming, costly and involve hazardous chemicals.

Nestemäinen kuljetusputki ulostenäytteille helpottaa näytteen jatkokäsittelyä ja sen tutkimista molekyylibiologisilla menetelmillä.

Are you Using the Best ATP Hygiene Monitoring System?
Vertailu eri ATP-mittareiden tulosten luotettavuudesta.


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