CHROMagar™ Bacillus cereus powder and supplement

Productcode: BC732
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 5000 ml

Product information

4h Incubation at 30°C. The intense blue colored colonies on a translucent agar facilitates the reading compared to Mannitol based agar which displays red colonies on pink agar. SIMPLICITY Contrary to MYP or Mossel agar, there is no need to add the tedious Egg york emulsion. HIGHLY SENSITIVE & SPECIFIC FOR CEREUS GROUP compared to MYP or Mossel agar. The classical MYP or Mossel agar rely on the inability of B.cereus to utilise the mannitol, which renders the plate reading difficult in the presence of abundant flora. CHROMagar B.cereus, owe to the chromogenic technology, overcomes this difficulty. BETTER SELECTIVITY & RECOVERY COMPARED TO CLASSICAL MEDIA compared to classical medium agar. LONGER PREPARED PLATE SHELFLIFE compared to MYP and Mossel agar which are only 5 days shelflife.

CHROMagar™ Bacillus cereus powder and supplement

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