CHROMagar™ Candida

Productcode: CA222
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 5000 ml

Product information

  1. High Contrast: intense colony colouration helping to differentiate species.
  2. 36-48 h incubation at 35 °C or higher.
  3. Panoramic view of the Candida population mix with the ability to detect major species but also the presence of minor populations.

Powerful tool: displays high specificity and sensitivity for 3 of the major Candida species at a time.

Specificity and sensitivity:

Candida albicans  → Exceed 99%* 

Candida tropicalis → Exceed 99%*

Candida krusei     → Exceed 99%*

*Specificity and sensitivity from scientific study: “CHROMagar Candida, a new differential isolation medium for the presumptive identification of clinically important Candida species.” Odds F. et al 1994, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 32 : 1923-1929.

  1. Less workload: with traditional media such as Sabouraud agar, identification of mixed cultures is difficult, whereas CHROMagarTM Candida, just by the colour of the colony, will instantly differentiate various Candida species.
  2. Facilitates the choice of appropriate and optimised antifungal therapies.

CHROMagar™ Candida

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