CHROMagar™ O157

Productcode: EE223-25
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 25000 ml

Product information

  1. Easier detection: E.coli O157 is detected by a characteristic mauve colour after only 18 h of incubation, while most other E. coli are blue.

  2. Higher specificity of CHROMagar™ E.coli O157 compared to SMAC:
    The conventional medium for the detection of E.coli O157 is Sorbitol MacConkey (SMAC) Agar, which has very poor specificity, thus exhibiting an abundance of false positives (Proteus, E.hermanii, etc.). Sorbitol Mac Conkey is also difficult to read because there is a change of colouration in the case of prolonged incubation.
    High Sensitivity: E.coli O157 → 98%*

CHROMagar™ O157

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