CHROMagar™ ESBL base and supplement, 25L

Productcode: ESRT3-25
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 25000 ml

Product information

CHROMagar™ ESBL Supplement added to CHROMagar™ Orientation contributes to the rapid screening of Gram-negative ESBL-producing bacteria.
CHROMagar™ ESBL Supplement allows the detection of ESBL-producing bacteria while inhibiting the growth of other bacteria, including most of those carrying ampC type resistance. This is an important feature because intrinsic ampC resistance has less epidemic relevance, but often leads to ESBL false positive reading in the classical testing methods.

Detection of resistant isolates is difficult based on routine susceptibility testing performed by a clinical microbiology laboratory, while with CHROMagar ESBL Supplement:

  1. Detection after overnight incubation of Gram-negative bacteria expressing a reduced susceptibility to antibiotics of the C3G family.

  2. Good species identification thanks to the chromogenic performances of supplemented CHROMagar™ Orientation. Indeed, the product is composed of a powder base CHROMagar™ Orientation and a supplement to enhance ESBL-producing bacteria.

  3. High sensitivity (99,2%) and Specificity (89%)
    according to this study: "Evaluation of a chromogenic medium for extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Enterobacteriaceae" Philippe Lagacé-Wiens et al. University of Manitoba, Canada. ECCMID Poster 2010  - ECCMID Poster available at the bottom of the page.

  4. Time and workload savings: there is no need of a selective pre-enrichment.

  5. Flexibility: CHROMagar ESBL Supplement is supplied in powder form with a shelf-life of more than 12 months. This allows for flexibility of use, whether in an epidemic situation with many patients to screen, or whether for random surveillance of cultures.

CHROMagar™ ESBL base and supplement, 25L

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Cost-Effective and Rapid Presumptive Identification of Gram-Negative Bacilli in Routine Urine, Pus, and Stool Cultures: Evaluation of the Use of CHROMagar™ Orientation Medium in Conjunction with Simple Biochemical Tests
The algorithm for a new identification system was designed on the basis of colony color and morphology on CHROMagar™ Orientation medium in conjunction with simple biochemical tests. The accuracy and cost-effectiveness of this new system were prospectively evaluated with a total of 472 gram-negative bacillus isolates which were detected on CHROMagar™ Orientation medium. For 466 of the isolates (98.7%), no discrepancies in the results were obtained on the basis of the identification algorithm. CHROMagar™ Orientation permitted reliable detection and presumptive identification. In addition, this rapid identification system not only significantly reduced costs but it also improved the daily work flow within the clinical microbiology laboratory.