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CHROMagar™ MH Orientation base and supplement

Productcode: MH482
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 5000 ml

Product information

CHROMagar MH Orientation is a chromogenic Mueller Hinton agar. This product was developed with the aim to speed up the time to results by combining the chromogenic differentiation of the species in the sample, and the antibiotic susceptibility test. This tool allows a same-day results in both fields, the identification and susceptibility, directly in the primary culture, contrary to the concomitant traditional protocol which takes 48 hours.


1. 2 in 1: It allows chromogenic identification and antibiotic susceptibility in the same plate. 


2. Fast Results: For many microorganisms/antibiotics, the results can be read just after overnight incubation. 


3. Easy Plate Reading: Thanks to the chromogenic reactions, diameters and/or inhibitions zones are clearly defined.

CHROMagar™ MH Orientation base and supplement

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Cost-Effective and Rapid Presumptive Identification of Gram-Negative Bacilli in Routine Urine, Pus, and Stool Cultures: Evaluation of the Use of CHROMagar™ Orientation Medium in Conjunction with Simple Biochemical Tests
The algorithm for a new identification system was designed on the basis of colony color and morphology on CHROMagar™ Orientation medium in conjunction with simple biochemical tests. The accuracy and cost-effectiveness of this new system were prospectively evaluated with a total of 472 gram-negative bacillus isolates which were detected on CHROMagar™ Orientation medium. For 466 of the isolates (98.7%), no discrepancies in the results were obtained on the basis of the identification algorithm. CHROMagar™ Orientation permitted reliable detection and presumptive identification. In addition, this rapid identification system not only significantly reduced costs but it also improved the daily work flow within the clinical microbiology laboratory.