CHROMagar™ Pseudomonas

Productcode: PS832
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 5000 ml

Product information

Pseudomonas are ubiquitous bacteria found in the soil, on plants and in freshwater and marine habitats. Many strains can grow at low temperature (psychrophilic strains) and may contaminate food or pharmaceutical products stored in the refrigerator.
Pseudomonas strains can occasionally be isolated from the intestinal flora of humans or animals.

  1. Fast: 24h incubation.

  2. A membrane filtration method can be used for detection from 100 ml of water, the inoculated membrane is placed, sample uppermost, on the agar plate.

  3. Simple to prepare: with CHROMagar Pseudomonas the pre-weighed agar powder is mixed with the required volume of distilled water.

  4. Easy to read: one unique intensified colour for Pseudomonas.

  5. Simple to use: colonies can be viewed under normal lighting conditions. Pseudomonas colonies develop with an intense blue-green colony colour, clearly visible to the naked eye.

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