CHROMagar™ Vibrio

Productcode: VB912
Supplier: CHROMagar
Package size: 5000 ml

Product information

Naturally present on marine plants and animals, Vibrio genus counts over 20 species among which four represent a serious public health hazard.

  1. 3 different clear and intense colony colourations thanks to its powerful chromogenic technology. Easy reading especially when compared to the conventional TCBS medium based on sucrose fermentation revealed with a pH indicator.
  2. V. alginolyticus remains colourless in CHROMagarTM Vibrio, avoiding any interference with the detection of other species.
  3. Clear differentiation between V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus, both sucrose (-) on TCBS.
  4. Unrivalled medium in the chromogenic media field.
  5. Recovery of Vibrio is greater than with TCBS agar, even if using an enrichment broth.
  6. Fewer false negatives than with TCBS agar.

CHROMagar™ Vibrio

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