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There are 82 Interscience products in our range

Infection Prevention (1)

Productcode Product name Package size
320500Anabac® Peach100 pcs

Instruments and supplies (81)

Productcode Product name Package size
435002Multi-adapter1 pcs
435051Adaptor for Petrifilm™/Media Pads™/Compact Dry™ for Scan 50/Scan 50 Pro1 pcs
505004Adjustable distribution system for Dilu Flow model1 pcs
505005Adjustable distribution system for Dilu Flow Pro and Elite model1 pcs
561401Autoclavable GL45 stopper + 0.2μ filter
231350BagClip® 350050 pcs
231040BagClip 400 (50 pcs)50 pcs
231010BagClip® 80/100, bag closer50 pcs
111720BagFilter Pipet & Roll 400 - Box of 500-bags500 bags
113510BagFilter® 3500 P, ideal for pipetting, non-woven-filter, 25pcs/bag100 pcs
111425BagFilter® 400 P (25/bag)500 pcs
112425BagFilter® 400 S, non-woven filter, 25pcs/bag500 pcs
111710BagFilter® pipet 400, box of 500500 pcs
111625BagFilter 400 F, Pull-Up500 pcs
111700BagFilter® roll 400, box of 500500 pcs
132050500 pcs
131025BagLight 100 131025500 bags
133025BagLight 3500 (20x25bags)250 pcs
132225BagLight® 400 Multilayer®, Stomacher-bags to the model 400, 25 pcs/bag500 pcs
132025BagLight 400 (40x25bags)500 pcs
505001BagOpen 400 in polycarbonate for DiluFlow®1
505016BagOpen 400 in stainless steal for DiluFlow®
211040BagOpen 4001 pcs
211010BagOpen® 80/1001 pcs
121025BagPage 100 (25/bag)500 pcs
123010BagPage® 3500, Stomacher-bags to the model 3500 with filter100 pcs
122325BagPage® 400 F, PCR stomacher-bags, 25 pcs/bag500 pcs
161025BagPage 400 R500 pcs
122225BagPage 400 U + Filter500 pcs
122425BagPage® 400 XR, strenghten Stomacher bags, 25 pcs/bag400 pcs
122025BagPage Plus 400 (25/bag)500 pcs
251091BagPipet1 pcs
221350BagRack® 3500, 4 compartments1 pcs
221040BagRack® 400 2210401 pcs
221010BagRack® 80/1001 pcs
221440BagRack® Slide 400ml x 12 Bags1 pcs
252024BagTips Jumbo 24 cm1000 pcs
252019BagTips® Regular (1000pcs)1000 pcs
145385Box of 250 RollBag, 38 x 56 without filter250 bags
561403Connection part Inner diameter tubing Ø 6,4 mm6 pcs
221042Drip tray to slide under BagRack®4001 pcs
414000EasySpiral® Dilute1 pcs
412000EasySpiral® Plater1 pcs
413000EasySpiral® Pro Plater1 pcs
413017Eppendorf™ support 1,5/2 ml for EasySpiral® Plater1 pcs
505009GeckoGrip1 pcs
561001Dispensing control with handy gun including electronic start button1 pcs
513015Independent stand1 pcs
505010Integrable stand for broth bags1 pcs
507008Foot Pedal1 pcs
513005Certified Standard Calibration Weight 500g1 pcs
561202Silicone tubing for single pump Ø 3,2mm5 pcs
513044Silicone tubings inner Ø 6,4 mm5 pcs
513045Distribution set for single pump Ø 3,2mm1 pcs
562102Set of siliconetubings inner ø 3.2 mm + GL45 screwcap + tube weight + inoxnozzle + filter1 pcs
561102Set of siliconetubings inner ø 3.2 mm + GL45 screwcap + tube weight + inoxnozzle + filter1 pcs
513024Nozzles tubing Ø 6,4 mm (4,8-8mm)5 pcs
513040Nozzles tubing Ø 3,2 mm5 pcs
562202Set of dispensing tubings inner ø 3.2 mm with plastic connectors5 pcs
241055PetriPile® 55, storage rack for Petri dishes diameter 55 mm1 pcs
241065PetriPile® 65, storage rack for Petri dishes diameter 65 mm1 pcs
241090PetriPile® 90 - storage rack for Petri dishes diameter 90 mm1 pcs
505007Pump module for DiluFlow® Elite1 pcs
145142RollBag 14 x 23 - Box of 500500 bags
145040RollBag 1300 Stom/closure500 pcs
435000Scan® 100 Colony counter1 pcs
437000Scan® 1200 Automatic Colony Counter1 pcs
436300Scan® 300 Automatic Colony Counter1 pcs
435055Scan® 50 Pro, manual colony counter1 pcs
435050Scan® 50, manual colony counter1 pcs
436000Scan® 500 Automatic Colony Counter1 pcs
513023set of 5 autoclavable filters5 kpl sets
561203Silicone tubing inner Ø 4,8mm5 pcs
561204Silicone tubing inner Ø 6,4mm5 pcs
561302Silicone tubings for pump head DiluFlow Ø 3,2 mm6 pcs
561304Silicone tubings for pump head DiluFlow Ø 6,4 mm6 pcs
413001Spiral Plater Housing protection for platers1 pcs
435001Flexible magnifying lens1 pcs
513020Trocar for broth bags1 pcs
513039Tube weights5 pcs
505002Weighing platform1 pcs