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Pro-Lab Diagnostics UK

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is a privately held corporation founded in 1974 with its head office in Toronto, Canada and subsidiaries in the U.K. and U.S.A. Pro-Lab manufactures products within the immunodiagnostics area. Territory: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania

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There are 119 Pro-Lab Diagnostics UK products in our range

Infection Prevention (3)

Productcode Product name Package size
PL604Apple EnviroBead™100 pcs
PL603Peach EnviroBead™100 pcs
PL605Lemon EnviroBead™100 pcs

Instruments and supplies (75)

Productcode Product name Package size
PL.1143.0262x1 meter silicone tubing1 pcs
PL8009Acridine Orange100 ml
PL8009/5Acridine Orange500 ml
PL.1143-023Anti theft cable1 pcs
PL7036Auramine Differentiator500 ml
PL7037Auramine Differentiator1 L
PL7033Auramine Phenol500 ml
PL7034Auramine Phenol1 L
PL7015Dilute Carbol Fuchsin500 ml
PL7123Fields Stain A (500 ml)0,5 L
PL7125Fields Stain B (500 ml)0,5 L
PL8057/25Gram Staining Kit (Dilute Carbol Fuchsin), ready to use4 x 250 ml
PL8055/25Gram Staining Kit (Safranin), ready to use4 x 250 ml
PL7006Gram's Differentiator500 ml
PL7007Gram's Differentiator1 L
PL7003Gram's iodine solution500 ml
PL7004Gram's iodine solution1 L
PL396Immersion Oil50 ml
PL8013Potassium Permanganate100 ml
PL7021Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin, ready to use500 ml
PL375Kovacs reagent100 ml
PL7000Chrystal Violet500 ml
PL7001Chrystal Violet1 L
PL7054Lactophenol Cotton Blue500 ml
PL.1143-033Level sensor1 pcs
PL7052Lugol solution500 ml
PL7053Lugol solution1 L
PL7050Löffler Methylene Blue500 ml
PL7051Löffler Methylene Blue1 L
PL8007Malachite Green100 ml
PL7030Malachite Green500 ml
PL7031Malachite green1 L
SD2300McFarland Standard 0.51 pcs
SD2301McFarland Standard 1.01 pcs
SD2302McFarland Standard 2.01 pcs
SD2303McFarland Standard 3.01 pcs
SD2304McFarland Standard 4.01 pcs
SD2350McFarland Standard Set (0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0)1 pcs
PL8006Metyleenisini, 10x concentrated100 ml
PL7027Methylene Blue (500ml)500 ml
PL7113Methyl Violet500 ml
PL.H2200-H-EMyTemp™ Mini Digital Incubator, with heating only 230V1 pcs
H2200-HC-EMyTemp™ Mini Digital Incubator, with heating and cooling 230V1 pcs
PL8002Neutral Red100 ml
PL7009Neutral Red500 ml
PL7010Neutral Red1 L
PL.4960Pro-Slide Acid Fast Stain Ctrl50 pcs
PL.4962Pro-Slide Crypto Stain Ctrl10 pcs
PL.4961Pro-Slide Gram Stain Ctrl50 pcs
PLC1830BPro-Tube Rack (5x5 positions, blue)1 pcs
PL.1143-031Rinse container with antitwist1 pcs
PL.1387-021Rinse tank1 pcs
PL7012Safranin solution500 ml
PL7013Safranin solution1 L
PL.1143-028Set of 7 tank markers - Blue1 pcs
PL.1143-029Set of 7 tank markers - Green1 pcs
PL.1143-030Set of 7 tank markers - Yellow1 pcs
PL.1387-024Slide mounts pack of 21 pcs
PL.1449-000SPLAT II automated staining1 pcs
PL.4162/6Splat rinse / waste containers (6)1 pcs
PL.CP.001Splat rinse waste caps (10)1 pcs
PL.CR.0410Splat stain tank rack1 pcs
PL.1449-000/DCFSPLAT ToolBox Gram DCF1 pcs
PL.1449-000/NRSPLAT ToolBox Gram NR1 pcs
PL.1449-000/SSPLAT ToolBox Gram Saf1 pcs
PL.1449-000/MBSPLAT ToolBox ZN MB1 pcs
PL.1449-000/MGSPLAT ToolBox ZN MG1 pcs
PL.CR.0409Splat water tight tray1 pcs
PL.1449-000-OLDSPLAT Stainer1 pcs
PL.1387-020Stain tanks pack of 71 pcs
PL.1143-032Waste container1 pcs
PL8005Ziehl-Neelsen's carbolifuxin, 10x concentrate100 ml
PL7018ZN Carbol Fuchsin500 ml
PL7019Ziehl-Neelsen's carbolifuxin, ready to use1000 ml
PL7024Differentiator for ZN & Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin500 ml