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Pro-Lab Diagnostics UK

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is a privately held corporation founded in 1974 with its head office in Toronto, Canada and subsidiaries in the U.K. and U.S.A. Pro-Lab manufactures products within the immunodiagnostics area. Territory: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania

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There are 104 Pro-Lab Diagnostics UK products in our range

Infection Prevention (3)

Productcode Product name Package size
PL604Apple EnviroBead™100 pcs
PL603Peach EnviroBead™ 100 pcs
PL605Lemon EnviroBead™100 pcs

Instruments and supplies (60)

Productcode Product name Package size
PL8009Acridine Orange100 ml
PL8009/5Acridine Orange500 ml
PL7036Auramine Differentiator500 ml
PL7037Auramine Differentiator1 L
PL7033Auramine Phenol500 ml
PL7034Auramine Phenol1 L
PL7015Dilute Carbol Fuchsin500 ml
PL7123Fields Stain A (500 ml)0,5 L
PL7125Fields Stain B (500 ml)0,5 L
PL8057/25Gram Staining Kit (Dilute Carbol Fuchsin), ready to use4 x 250 ml
PL8055/25Gram Staining Kit (Safranin), ready to use4 x 250 ml
PL7006Gram's Differentiator500 ml
PL7007Gram's Differentiator1 L
PL7003Gram's iodine solution500 ml
PL7004Gram's iodine solution1 L
PL396Immersion Oil50 ml
PL8013Potassium Permanganate100 ml
PL7021Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin, ready to use500 ml
PL375Kovacs reagent100 ml
PL7000Chrystal Violet500 ml
PL7001Chrystal Violet1 L
PL7054Lactophenol Cotton Blue500 ml
PL7052Lugol solution500 ml
PL7053Lugol solution1 L
PL7050Löffler Methylene Blue500 ml
PL7051Löffler Methylene Blue1 L
PL8007Malachite Green100 ml
PL7030Malachite Green500 ml
PL7031Malachite green1 L
SD2300McFarland Standard 0.5 1 pcs
SD2301McFarland Standard 1.0 1 pcs
SD2302McFarland Standard 2.0 1 pcs
SD2303McFarland Standard 3.0 1 pcs
SD2304McFarland Standard 4.0 1 pcs
SD2350McFarland Standard Set (0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0)1 pcs
PL8006Metyleenisini, 10x concentrated100 ml
PL7027Methylene Blue (500ml)500 ml
PL7113Methyl Violet500 ml
PL.H2200-H-EMyTemp™ Mini Digital Incubator, with heating only 230V1 pcs
H2200-HC-EMyTemp™ Mini Digital Incubator, with heating and cooling 230V1 pcs
PL8002Neutral Red100 ml
PL7009Neutral Red500 ml
PL7010Neutral Red1 L
SD351Pro-Slide Acid Fast Stain Ctrl50 pcs
SD370Pro-Slide Crypto Stain Ctrl10 pcs
SD361Pro-Slide Gram Stain Ctrl50 pcs
PLC1830BPro-Tube Rack (5x5 positions, blue)1 pcs
PL7012Safranin solution500 ml
PL7013Safranin solution1 L
PL.1449-000SPLAT II automated staining1 pcs
PL.1449-000/DCFSPLAT ToolBox Gram DCF1 pcs
PL.1449-000/NRSPLAT ToolBox Gram NR1 pcs
PL.1449-000/SSPLAT ToolBox Gram Saf1 pcs
PL.1449-000/MBSPLAT ToolBox ZN MB1 pcs
PL.1449-000/MGSPLAT ToolBox ZN MG1 pcs
PL.1449-000-OLDSPLAT Stainer1 pcs
PL8005Ziehl-Neelsenin karbolifuksiini, 10x konsentraatti100 ml
PL7018ZN Carbol Fuchsin500 ml
PL7019Ziehl-Neelsenin karbolifuksiini, käyttövalmis1000 ml
PL7024Differentiator for ZN & Kinyoun Carbol Fuchsin500 ml