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EasySpiral® Plater

Tuotenro: 412000
Valmistaja: Interscience
Pakkauskoko: 1 kpl

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Features of the easySpiral for bacterial enumeration

    New easySpiral technology automatically distributes a spiral plating of your sample on a petri dish in just 25 seconds.

    USB option (EasySpiralPro) provides programming, computer control and traceable data acquisition.

    Robotic precision, completes a full plating cycle including cleaning, sample acquisition and dispersion in 25 seconds.

    Patented stylus cleaning device, and liquid handling module cleans and disinfects the system with no risk of cross-contamination.

    2 liter bottles capacity sufficient for 600 cleaning cycles.

    Auto disinfection ; the exterior and interior of the stylus are cleaned by overflow.

    Hygienic stainless steel housing, autoclavable bottles.

    Cleaning liquid sensor with alarm notification of empty bottle.

    Switchable petri dish holder for 90 and 150mm dishes.