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MonitorMark™ 10 °C/ 48 h

Tuotenro: 9860C
Valmistaja: Neogen Ireland Ltd.
Pakkauskoko: 500 kpl

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MonitorMark™ Time/Temperature Indicators monitor product temperature exposure through the entire supply chain. They provide a non-reversible record of temperature exposure that is accurate and easy to interpret.
MonitorMark™ Time/Temperature Indicators are available in a variety of time and temperature ranges, and may be used to monitor the cold chain for perishable food products, vaccines, blood and many other applications.

Product Construction
- Rectangular, flat laminate with layers of paper, film, adhesive and other components
- Blue compound run-out to estimate how long your product was above the threshold temperature
- Removable film activation strip
- Pressure-sensitive adhesive allows attachment to almost all clean, dry surfaces


Monitoring temperature exposure of temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage (for example, frozen or refrigerated foods, drugs, vaccines, medical diagnostic kits, blood, blood products, and intraocular lenses)

Typically placed inside insulated shipping boxes near the temperature sensitive product

The indicators monitor temperature exposure, not product quality. Their purpose is to signal when product quality should be checked due to temperature exposure.