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3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen)

Tuotenro: ALLTEC60
Valmistaja: Suomen 3M
Pakkauskoko: 60 testiä

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Simple and very sensitive swab test for the detection of protein residues on surfaces and in solution.

Checking for removal of protein residues after cleaning can quickly identify contamination. As the majority of allergens are proteins, if a surface is found to be protein-free, it is also free of those allergens

Validated for a range of allergenic proteins, including egg, milk, gluten, soy and peanut. Approximate limits of detection have been determined
Easy to use - requires little technical experience and is ideal for use within a production facility
Visual reading and interpretation of results makes this test simple and convenient
Fast results mean the user can react quickly (e.g. re-clean and re-validate to minimise risk of contamination)
Sensitive results make this a reliable tool to include in your Allergen Management Plan

Key Features:
- Simple and very sensitive swab test for the detection of protein residues
- Can be used to validate cleaning processes
- Validated for several key allergens
- Simply Swab, Click, Heat & Read
- Ideal for use in a production facility
- Read results visually
- Fast: results in 15 minutes
- Highly sensitive
- 60 swabs per case

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen)

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