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DRBC Agar (ISO) - Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar

Tuotenro: NCM0082A
Valmistaja: Neogen Europe ltd
Pakkauskoko: 500 g

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Application(s): Industrial, Food
Organism(s): Yeast & Mould

Lab M´s Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar (DRBC Agar) is a medium for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds in food and animal products.

Prepared according to ISO 21527-1:2008, this medium is based on the original formulation described by King, Hocking and Pitt in 1979, and is also compliant with methods stated in the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) and American Public Health Association (APHA).

Used for the enumeration of viable yeasts and moulds in products with a water activity of greater than 0.95 such as eggs, meat, some dairy products, fresh pastes, fruit and vegetables, DRBC Agar (ISO) is designed to suppress the colonial growth of ‘spreader´ moulds and in doing so allow easier performance of the colony count technique on yeasts and moulds.

The use of the anti-fungal agent, dichloran, restricts spreading of mucoraceous fungi and restricts the colony size of other genera. Rose bengal also assists in the reduction of colony sizes and is selective against bacteria.

Additional selectivity against bacterial growth is achieved by the incorporation of the heat-stable antibiotic Chloramphenicol. Glucose is incorporated as the fermentable carbohydrate source, with an enzymatic digest of animal & plant tissues providing the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nitrogen and carbon.

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