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Dilutors, dispensers and pumps

Productcode Product name Package size
DISW1001DISTRIWEL 4401 pcs
DISW1001XDISTRIWEL 440 with LINX printer kit (printer sold separately)1 pcs
DOSW1001DOSYWEL Peristaltic pump1
414000EasySpiral® Dilute1 pcs
412000EasySpiral® Plater1 pcs
413000EasySpiral® Pro Plater1 pcs
DILW2011Ticket printer (USB)1
DILW1001Gravimetric DILUWEL with 1 dilupump1 pcs
561001Dispensing control with handy gun including electronic start button1 pcs
DISW3002inner connector 6.4 to 4.8mm, 1 pcs1 pcs
DISW2002Foot switch1
DILW2013Foot switch (USB)1
DILW2002Set of tubing 6.4mm with dispensing nozzle for DILUWEL1 pcs
DISW3005Waste cup 90 mm (x100 pieces)100
DILW2017Bowl holder (for flasks, bottles)1
DILW4002Lab Page - Web live traceability1
DILW2022Dilu board (Weight Holder for calibration)1
DISW3006Tubing 6/10 x 25 meters1
561202Silicone tubing for single pump Ø 3,2mm5 pcs
513044Silicone tubings inner Ø 6,4 mm5 pcs
513045Distribution set for single pump Ø 3,2mm1 pcs
561102Set of siliconetubings inner ø 3.2 mm + GL45 screwcap + tube weight + inoxnozzle + filter1 pcs
DOSW2003Set of tubing 3.2mm with dispensing nozzle for DOSYWEL1
DOSW2002Set of tubing 4.8mm with dispensing nozzle for DOSYWEL1
DOSW2001Set of tubing 6.4mm with dispensing nozzle for DOSYWEL1
DISW3003Extra tubing - 5 meters1
DILW2001Additional pump (Up to 4 by equipment) delivered with DILW2002 (set of tubing 6.4 mm. Pay attention that for total 3-4 pumps you need to add : DILW2020 (double nozzle holders left and right)1
DISW2001Second pump kit (If ordered for blood addition, do not forget Tubing set for blood addition : DISW2009)1
DILW2012Keypad for Diluwel/Dosywel1
POLW1001POLYWEL 3D - Automated tubes and bottles filler1 pcs
DISW2009Tubing kit for blood addition - (DISW2010 + 1/3 x DISW3003)1
DILW3003Rotor tubing 3.2mm5
DISW3001Rotor pump precut out pipe (x5 pieces)5
DISW2010T adapter (glass)1
DILW2007Trocar (connector) for broth bags1 pcs
DISW4028U.V light for DISTRIWEL1
DILW2031Bar code / QR code reader (1D/2D) for DILUWEL+1