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Other Accesories

Membrane Filtration
Productcode Product name Package size
6812Vacuum Tubing Assembly1
Filters, Flasks and Tubes
Productcode Product name Package size
9855Näytepurkki 100 ml:n vesinäytteille +natriumtiosulfaatti100 pcs
9420Neogen Filter Syringes100 pcs
9430Whatman #1 filtterit100 pcs
Other products
Productcode Product name Package size
DISW4500Alliance annual maintaince kit1 kits
DISW2006Dispensing nozzle1 pcs
DILW3008Bulk rotor tubing 4.8mm - 5 meters1 pcs
DILW3005Ticket printer rolls - 2100 labels3 pcs
COMW1001E-TRACE box - communication module1 pcs
DILW3002Rotor tubing 4.8mm5 pcs
BGWR2001Support stand for BAGGYWEL (Broth bags)1 pcs
XP-DBlock D1 pcs
Supplies for feed analyzis
Productcode Product name Package size
FAAAlpha-Amylase250 ml
R1020Forage Bags 10cm x 20cm100 bags
6044Cubetainer with Tap1 pcs
FAD20CAcid Detergent Powder, CTAB only400 g
A01A2000 Shelf Assembly1 pcs
R5105cm x 10cm Concentrate Bags100 bags
A04Cubetainer Tube Assembly1 pcs
FSSSodium Sulfite500 g
FND20CNeutral Detergent Dry Concentrate, dilutes to 20L1200 g