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Microbiological Culture (38)

Productcode Product name Package size
BPPFV9MRDMini Flip-Top Vial with 9 mL Maximum Recovery Diluent9 ml
C6406Petrifilm AC aerobic1000 pcs
C6400Petrifilm AC aerobic100 pcs
C6410Petrifilm CC Coliform50 pcs
C6416Petrifilm CC Coliforms1000 pcs
C6414Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count Plate500 pcs
C6404Petrifilm EC E.Coli50 pcs
C6420Petrifilm EB enterobac50 pcs
C6421Petrifilm EB enterobac1000 pcs
C6447Petrifilm Env.listeria50 pcs
C6448Petrifilm Env.listeria200 pcs
C6452Petrifilm™ Heterotrophic Count plates (1000) AQHC1000 pcs
C6450Petrifilm AQHC heter.100 pcs
C6415Petrifilm HSCC HS500 pcs
C6405Petrifilm HSCC HS50 pcs
C6462Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Count Plates (20x25)500 pcs
C6461Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Count Plates (2x25)50 pcs
C6425Petrifilm™ Spreader Rapid Petrifilms2 pcs
6557Petrifilm™ Plate Advanced Reader1 pcs
C6479Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plate (20x25)500 pcs
C6478Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plate50 pcs
C6402Petrifilm RCC rapid50 pcs
C6436Petrifilm™ Rapid E.coli/coliform plates (2x25)50 pcs
C6437Petrifilm™ Rapid E.coli/coliform plates 500/case500 pcs
C6477Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mould Count Plates (10x50)500 pcs
C6475Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mould Count Plates (2x25)50 pcs
C6435Petrif. Select. E.Coli500 pcs
C6434Petrif. Select. E.Coli50 pcs
C6498PEL Spreader2 pcs
C6491Petrifilm STX Staph ex500 pcs
C6490Petrifilm STX Staph ex50 pcs
C6492Staph Express Disk20 pcs
C6493Staph Express Disk100 pcs
C6417Petrifilm Yeast/Mold1000 pcs
C6407Petrifilm Yeast/Mold100 pcs
98-0213-3386-3Rapid SRB Detection Pouch5 x 10 pcs
SRBDP-10Rapid SRB detection pouch, 10 pcs10 pcs
6557PC-EUPower cord for Petrifilm™ Plate Advanced Reader1 pcs

Food Diagnostics (5)

Productcode Product name Package size
L25FSHFish Protein Rapid Kit25 tests
LRSM50LRSM Frying fat acidity measuring strip1*50 tests
S102LRSM Frying fat acidity measuring strip4*50 tests
TP100Transfer Pipette100 pcs
ECS100Environmental Collection Swab100 pcs

Infection Prevention (3)